What's with the Anarchy A?

Have you ever wondered what the Anarchy 'A' in No Meat May is all about? ⁠

No Meat May is a little bit punk, a little bit political, a little bit angry, and a big bit about empowering people to change things up for the better. 🙌⁠

At No Meat May, we aim to inspire personal revolutions - and a universal one.

We start by asking people to 'question what they're being fed?' - so they can opt out of chronic lifestyle diseases, the cruelty of intensive factory farming, environmental destruction, and an unjust food system that leaves millions going hungry. ⁠

Because we want more free-thinking people to engage with the big issues of food production, and not be told what to eat by governments in the pockets of big meat, dairy and sugar industries. ✊⁠

Rebellion is needed in a world where baby animals are slaughtered and forests and oceans destroyed for corporate profits. It's not right that people die every day from malnutrition, while others die prematurely from meat-laden diets that drive world hunger. ⁠

No Meat May taps into the spirit of both anarchy and kindness, as we empower people to reject the food status quo, and change things up for the better.

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