EU urged to adopt meat tax to tackle climate emergency

A “sustainability charge” on meat to cover its environmental damage could raise billions to help farmers and consumers produce and eat better food, according to a report.

The levy, which would increase the price of a steak by about 25%, would be phased in over the next decade. The report focuses on EU countries and was produced for the Tapp Coalition of health, environment and animal welfare organisations. It says “fair pricing” for meat should be included in the forthcoming European “green new deal” and so-called farm to fork strategy.

The report, produced by environmental research group CE Delft, analysed the costs of greenhouse gas emissions, other air and water pollution, and losses of wildlife associated with livestock production. It estimated that covering these costs would increase the price of beef by €0.47 (40p) per 100g.

This would increase the cost of a 227g supermarket steak in the UK by about 25%.

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