Obama Sees New Front in Climate Change Battle: Agriculture

The former president also noted that the Paris agreement focused on damage to the environment from the energy sector, leaving the role of food production largely unaddressed. “We are actually seeing a continuing increase in emissions coming out of the agriculture sector,” he said, “and a lot of that has to do with changing diets around the world.”

He said that even as the developed world works to reduce its consumption of meat, developing nations are eating more meat. “This offers a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs, businesses, scientists and thought leaders to make progress in an area where we have not made as much progress,” he said.

Mr. Obama observed that most people do not think of food as a source of pollution. “Because food is so close to us and is part of our family and is part of what we do every single day, people, I think, are more resistant to the idea of government or bureaucrats telling them what to eat, how to eat and how to grow,” he said.

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