The secrets to satisfying your meat cravings in a meat-free way

Cravings are normal. It’s helpful to understand our cravings, know where they are coming from and accept them. Then the only thing that matters is what we do about them.

When I crave meaty food, I create vegan versions of my favourite dishes. Knowing how to make my meatless food taste meaty lets me satisfy my cravings in a healthier, compassionate way. So if you’re missing meat, it doesn’t mean you need to eat any.

It’s totally possible to satisfy your cravings for meaty tastes on a plant-based diet

In the beginning, those feelings of not being able to live without meat may be physical. Meats release opiate-like substances just like dairy and sugar does. These compounds are responsible for many of our cravings, including that feeling of not being able to live without these foods.

It’s a real physical addiction, which means we can really suffer from withdrawal when we stop eating cheese. The good news is that those cravings will lessen over time.

Not all cravings are physical, however. Sure, there is also the taste of meat we miss, but it’s more complex than just the tastes. Eating and foods carry memories, associations, traditions, and emotions.

Every food I miss comes with a memory – time spent with family or friends, foods that offered comfort and expressed love, outings that were fun and a part of my life. So when we have cravings for foods, we might also be having cravings for the people, places and experiences that those foods just happened to be a part of.

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