For those of us who like a bit of structure
The below meal plans have been created as a general guide only, to give you some inspiration, show you the abundance of veg food out there, and help you plan ahead for your No Meat May.
We encourage you to cook in batches and prepare in advance where possible. And read up on our nutrition pages to ensure you are mindful of where to best source those essential nutrients. 
If you need more specific advice please seek guidance from an accredited practising Dietitian who specialises in plant based eating. For people with a particular health focus we also recommend trying the fab recipes from the Doctors for Nutrition, and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
Click on the meal plan to open up the interactive PDF's -
click on each food image to open each recipe, simples! These are best viewed on a desktop computer or large tablet.
Our 2021 meal plans cover 28 days of eating...  for your final few days, pick your favourite recipes from the month and enjoy!
2020 meal plans