Your ingredients to cook an epic veggie brekky with Suzy Spoon Saturday 23 May
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Suzy Spoon’s big breakfast serves 3

Baked mushrooms, Roasted tomatoes, Gourmet beans, Hash browns, Sausage, Served on toast with avocado


Shopping list:


For baked mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms x 3 large

Olive oil, salt and pepper


For roasted tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes x 12


For sausages

1 pack of Suzy Spoon’s polenta, basil and sundried tomato sausages (or 3-6 other vegan sausages)


For Hash browns

Potatoes x 3 big russet (floury not waxy)

Red onion x 1

Refined coconut oil


For gourmet baked beans

Vegan baked beans x 1 tin

Medium brown onion x 1

Smokey paprika

Vegan worcestershire sauce


Brown sugar


For serving

Avocado and bread for toast