No Meat May is a campaign and registered charity that challenges people to eliminate meat from their diets for 31 days, for 4 big reasons (health, environment, animals, and food security).


Launched in 2013 by Ryan Alexander & Guy James Whitworth, a couple of passionate creatives wanting to do some good – No Meat May started with thirty of their friends all giving up meat for the month of May.  Many of whom are now active contributors and part of the No Meat May team.  


With participation more than doubling year on year, No Meat May is now a global campaign experiencing exponential growth, with thousands of new recruits participating each year. And surveys confirming 94% of people reduce or eliminate meat permanently after participating.


We recognise that people change incrementally, over time - and provide a safe stepping stone, evidence based information and support for that bold first step.

Ryan Alexander

Ryan is the co-founder of No Meat May. Also working at Cancer Council Australia, Ryan is a CPA, with 15 years experience working in the Not For Profit sector in Senior Financial Management roles. A passionate activist and environmentalist, Ryan is also active in the arts scene, organising many a Mardi Gras float with his partner Guy.


My big inspiration was an eye-opening talk at the Sydney Opera House by Jonathan Safron Foer about his book Eating Animals. The call to action was clear: our planet needs us to cut back on our addiction to animal protein for four big reasons, and cut back fast. I walked out with a head full of new insights, inspired to eat less meat, and to share what I had learned.


From then on it was an adventure of learning, trying new things, unpacking inherited thinking about the 'need' to eat meat to be healthy. I called myself a "meat minimiser" for a year, and then launched No Meat May as my form of activism. To share what I had learned, and inspire some much needed cultural change.

Soon after I cut out meat altogether, read some more, did a bit of thinking and soul searching, watched a few docos and arrived happily in Veganville - wondering where have you been all my life?


My long-term vego partner Guy was a huge influence by showing me how easy it is to live meat-free. His non-preachy style worked for me. It was more leading by example with no judgement for not knowing what I didn’t know.

After promoting No Meat May for six years I’ve come to realise, you have to learn for yourself, and be open to learning to make long term behavioural change. And that it certainly doesn't hurt to have a partner with a great repertoire of awesome veggie recipes.

Guy James Whitworth 


Guy is the co-founder of No Meat May, and has been vegan for the past six years and vegetarian since he was nine. 

I was born and raised in the North East of England surrounded by rural farmland, and it was the plight of farm animals that made me embrace the option of a plant based lifestyle and that is something that has always stayed with me wherever I have found myself in the world. After living in London and being active in various political groups for almost a decade, I moved to Sydney a little over twenty years ago.

I originally studied fashion and have worked in the costume making field for most of my professional life. For the past few years when not working on the graphics and design concepts for No Meat May I am a professional artist.


Re-occurring themes in my art practise are the celebration of diversity, challenging all forms of oppression, racism, ageism, gender stereotypes, sexual identity, community isolation and taking something ‘everyday’ to present it in a way that heightens its relevance and challenge the viewers pre-conceived ideas.


This isn’t a million miles away from the work I do with No Meat May where my ongoing wish to draw attention to the worldwide lack of animal rights takes form and finds its voice.

The power to change the world for the better is in our hands. 

What are we going to do with all that power?

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